Ayurvedic Inspired Cypress Sesame Circulation Scrub

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Inspired by traditional healing techiniques of South Asia, Ayurvedic wisdom lends itself to this warming and exfoliating blend crafted to soothe chapped and damaged skin and replenish circulatory function.Sweet Scents and heating spices combine with warming emollient sesame oil to soothe the skin and generate heat in the body.

Directions: In a sunwise spiral motion rub on the scrub with a small cloth or sponge, start at your feet and work upward toward your heart, always moving in a spiraling motion. Allow the scrub to stay on your skin for 3-7 minutes for maximum circulatory and rebalancing benefit.

Rinse off with hot water and use only a mild soap or body wash, allowing the penetrating and hyrdrating oils to stay on your skin. Do not use other creams or moisturizers for after your scrub.

Contraindications:Do not use internally.

Not recommedned for use during pregnancy, on childrens skin or if you have experienced heart palpitations.





Price: $24.00

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