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The Incan, Mayan and Aztec cultures all practice ritual gathering and cleansing with specific plants for Healing Spiritual illnesses and cleansing the auric body. All over the globe spiritual baths still exist from Japan to Israel ritual plant baths are still being used for rites of passage,births,passings and celebrations. This bath was created with the intention of washing your energy body of unwanted imprints and energetic impressions.

Please use wth a clear intention and an open heart. Place plant mixture into a large tub or bowl, clear glass or crystal is best but any vessel will work. Leave in the sunlight for at least 3-7 hours. As you add the plants speak your prayers into the waters,call upon any guides or ancestors who may help you along your way. With a shell or small bowl begin to pour the plant mixture over the area in all directions around your body, then begin pouring on your head, arms ,torso, womb, legs and feet. Saying the blessings and good things you wish to bring to your life as you bathe. It is important not to speak negative thoughts during this process, only speak that which is to be manifest. Use all of the plant infused water, sit in a sunny spot for a time after you are done, thank your guides,plant beings and ancestors when you are finished, burn copal blanco after you are done and for 3 consecutive days after your bath to bring upon the new beginnings.

Add any fresh plants you may have that speak your experiences, always offer the plants something for their help. It is best to do this bath in an outdoor sanctuary where you will not be disturbed. If you wish to bathe in the winter months pour boiling water over the plants, allow them to steep for a few hours. Repeat the above steps in a tub or shower. Do not sit in the plant mixture, keep the energy moving. Do not boil the plants, just the water to pour over.

INGREDIENTS: 9 Sacred Plants ~ Calendula, Marigold, Sweet Basil, St Johns Wort, Rosemary, Rue, Rose, Sage, Mugwort packaged in a glass jar please up-cycle or recycle!


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