Water Lotus Eastern Inspired Antioxidant Bath Soak

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Inspired by Bath Houses and Healing Springs across the globe.

Water Lotus Antioxidant Bath Soak was created to indulge in the sensual nature of cleansing and rejuvination that deep water immersion provides. Healing salts from around the Globe combine with purifying clays, powders and teas with just the right amount of emollience and essential oils to soothe the skin while purging it of toxins.

Directions: Before Bathing tape the trap drain closed in your tub so no water drains when you enter the tub, and fill your bathtub with water that is at least 100-104 degrees

Add 3-5 Small scoops of bath soak, about 1/4 of the jar and allow to disolve for a few minutes. Be sure to light candles and burn cleansing herbs or incense while you bathe.

Darken room and soak for at least 30 minutes, to allow the detoxifying properties of the bath to permeate your skin. Rub your skin with untoasted sesame oil after your bath and dress in soft warm clothing, be sure to rest well and stay warm for many hours after your bath.

This jar contains enough salts for 4 bath soaks, for a deeper detoxifying process use 1/2 the jar for one bath and soak for a little longer than 30 minutes.

Jar contains almost 2 pounds of salt per order for continued use of detoxifying affects

Ingerdients:Himilayan Pink Sea Salt, Crystal Sea Salt, Black Sea Salt, Baking Soda,  Jasmine Tea Powder, Green Tea, Kelp, Bentonite Clay, Powdered Oats and Black Rice, Juniper infused Sesame Oil, Jasmine Blossoms, Spirulina, Ess oils of Jasmine, Lime, Jatamansi,Juniper and Coriander

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