Peace-Full Drops

Peace-Full Meditation Drops combine the adaptogenic properties of Schisandra Berries with the calming properties of tulsi, the relaxing and nervine properties of rose and chamomile blossoms, and the solar plexus affirming calendula blossoms. Schisandra Berries combine the qualities of the 5 tastes, bitter, sweet, sour,pungent and salty and allow the body to rejuvenate with ease and comfort, directing extra energy to the bodily systems which most need a boost. Tulsi Basil brings a heart opening sweet and spicy quality which helps your body reduce it's stress response and calms the nervous system. Rose is a calming essence as you can imagine by watching a rose bud unfurl into full flower. Chamomile has a rich history of calming and soothing the mind and body while calendula's power bright blossom brings in a new confidence, clarity and strength.

Use this formula during meditation, yoga practice, to calm your mind, soothe the senses and allow the natural flow to return to any practice or activity where you need a deeper presence.


Price: $15.00

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