Love Warrior Lip Lustre

Where My Love Warriors At?

The Lip Balm for Truth Tellers, Poetic Priestesses, Priests and Everyone in Between who wants Love on the Tip of Their Lips....

A delicious and sultry blend of Cacao, Rose Petals, Vanilla Beans. Emollient and Lucious, a combination lip gloss and conditioning balm. Sexy enough for a night on the town, in the club or out with your beloved. Supple and Sweet enough for everyday use.Hibiscus and Beet Powder Infused for a subtle tint, accentuates the natural color of your skin tone and lips.

For those who truly want love to flow from their lips everyday Bone Flower's signature Lip Lustre in a sleek thin black retractable wand.....



Ingredients: Organic Olive oil infused with Raw Cacao Nibs and Beans, Organic Rose Petals, Vanilla Beans , Beeswax, Cacao And Rose Absolute, Rose Otto, Vanilla Paste, & Vitamin E., Hibiscus and Beets infused for subtle tint.


Price: $18.00

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