Blessed Birthing Bundle

When we care for our mothers and mothers to be everyone benefits.
Mothers are a precious resource and can be overlooked especially in the tender time of pregnancy and post partum.
Often the focus can be on the new baby, especially with gifts giving.
The Blessed Birth Bundle Provides an amazing array of products created by this mama, that have been used
at my own birth and for many mama's that have followed me.

I have it all here so you don't have to think about what to put together for that special mama to be or someone who wants to begin to do things to prepare their body for the time they will become pregnant.
If there is a special product you would like to see or if you want to substitue something like my moon drops for a mama wanting to tune into her cycle simply purchase the basket as is and e-mail me.
Sizes are listed but if you'de like a larger size you can e-mail me that as well and we can do an add on to order.


The Blessed Birthing Bundle Includes:
* Feminin-I-Tea a High Vitamin C Infusion 3 Oz-suitable for the entire childbearing year through post partum and nursing. Increases fertility, strengthens the immune system, tones the uterus and is wonderful during labour
* A fabulous ice cube tray for making infusions into ice cube treats for labour and post partum
* Blessed Birth Perineum Massage Oil 1 oz- With antispasmodic and pain relieving oils to soothe the tissues before, during and after birth, instructions for use included
* Water Signs Sitz Bath 7 Oz- Sitz Bath Herbs for a submerged or seated sitz or uterine steam bath enough for 3-4 seated sitz baths or 1 submerged tub bath, instructions for use included
*Spiritual Bathing Bath Herbs 3 oz- For energetically closing down a woman's body post partum and soothing the spirit to prevent post partum depression from taking root in the energy body, instructions for use included
* Tulsi Vanilla elixir 1 oz- An anti- anxiety, mood lifting formulation good for anyone who feels anxious or nervous about birth, who needs a little boost in the mood, or is prone toward depression( larger sizes are available as an add on) this formula is a heart opening blend, alleviate's stress and has nervine and pain killing qualities as well as tasting delicious. Just a few drops has lasting and profound effects on the nervous system.
* Nurtured Being Full Womb Balm 3 Oz- A deeply nourishing an rich formulation of antispasmodic oils, emollient butters, soothing beeswax and essential oils to calm, soothe, relax and strengthen the womb and surrounding area's. Can be used as an all purpose balm before during and after pregnancy, relaxing to the uterus and womb and also beneficial during cramping or contractions, instructions for use included
* Copal Blanco Resin to burn or smell for new beginnings during or after labour and birth, traditional to Belize, Ecuador, Peru and other parts of central and south american for the beginning of a life or new energy coming in.
* A Handmade Ghanian Woven Basket to house these beautiful mother love treasures, every mother needs a basket no mater what their lifestyle!
* Comfort Care Instructions, Recipes and A Handmade Birch Bark Tag with recipients name


Price: $139.99

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