Copal Blanco 1 Oz Tin


Copal has long been revered for it's intoxicating scent, purifying smoke and sacred essence.

Copal Resin's small trees arerelated to both frankincense and myrrh.  Copal is found growing in North, South, and Central America,Indonesia and The South Pacific and is considered a sacred plant to cultures in South and Central America, including the Mayans and The Inka.  Burned traditionally as an offering to the gods.Copal Blanco has a clean, woody scent, lightly citrusy and incrediby intoxicating.Burn for new beginnings clearing negative energies and making positive changes, White Copal is an uplifting fragrance connecting us to the divine realms, positive change and new directions.

Burn anywhere stagnant energy exists, where the winds of change are needed and for clearing or purging where illness or strife has been.

Copal has been used for centuries to clear out the old and bring in a new order.

Excellent for weddings, births, rites of passage, during ceremony, ritual and prayer. Burn on self igniting charcoal or add to  unscented carrier oil like almond or grapeseed to steep an attar of copal.

Resin comes in reusable metal tin -please up-cycle or re-cycle

Use during the ritual spiritual bathing to help open the pathways of purification.

See Energy Enhanced Spiritual Bath Blend

Never leave unattended and always burn with intention


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