Copal Negro 1 Oz Tin

Copal Blanco is traditionally burned for banishing, warding, releasing and to aid spirits in returning home to the light.

Copal Blanco is beneficial in aiding in the process of letting go of outworn patterns and attuning us to the essence of the shadow self.

Copal Blanco has a dark balsamic-earthy scent that is unique among other copal resins.               It is burned during the Day of the Dead for the ancestors and to honor darker spirits  and underworld deities. Use to honor the ascended loved ones, and to deepen your connection shadow work, edge walkers, the dark time and to honor the night.

Burn on charcoal disks in a heat proof pot or vessel or add to a nuetral carrier oil like sweet almond or apricot kernal to make an attar.

Resin comes in reusable metal tin -please up-cycle or re-cycle


Price: $9.00

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