Datura’s Dragon’s Blood Raw Incense

Datura's Dragon's Blood Raw Incense combines Sacred Datura Flower Essence and Dragon's Blood Resin with specific herbs, flowers and powders that enhance spellwork, energetic alignment, visionary dreams and adding bursts of divine power to your workings. Rich with scents of amber, frankincense, aromatic spices and deep intoxicating tones one of Bone Flower's signature scents.

Dragon's Blood Resin promotes psychic awareness, and aids your rituals of banishing, protection, alignment pf purpose and in workings to create an abundant flow of energy toward a specific focus or desire. Dragon's Blood smoke is sweet, rich and intoxicating on it's own and combines in this traditional  egyptian kyphi style blend with sweet plants, oils and honey wine to add perfect alignment, intersection and impeccability to all of your magickal workings.

Sacred Datura has been revered in spiritual or magickal use by native american and island cultures to produce sleep and induce dreams and visions, and for warding and protection .It has also been used for divination, for connecting with the spirit realms , to find ones' animal totem and to commune with birds of the nightime. It aids with having  sharper vision, used in magickal rites, rituals and to add energy and power to your workings.  Like other tropane-containing plants that have been used Sacred Datura has  traditionally been used in flying ointments  used in  rituals related to inducing the ability to fly through eating or drinking and sometimes an ointment applied to the third eye. Datura is still widely used in the Caribbean and called  "herbe aux sorciers" (herb of the sorcerers) among the various French speaking islanders.

Burn on charcoal discs in a fire proof vessel or pot filled with sand or rocks.

Comes in a re-usable metal tin- please up cycle or re-cycle.


Price: $16.00

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