Heightned Eye’s Herbal Smoking Blend

Heightened Eyes is a Proprietary Blend of Smoking Herbs to Increase Psychic Awareness, Opening and Soothing for the Dreamtime, and stimulating to the Intuitive Perceptions and Senses. Used responsibly smoking blends can elevate and intoxicate the user with pure bliss and heightened senses that help connect you to the divine realms. Use Consciously and Share the Love.

Heightened Eye’s Herbal Smoke- Muellin Leaf and Flower, Dalamantia Sage, Monarda, Artemesia Vulgaris, Salvia Apiana, Scullcap, Blue Vervain, Passionflower, Lavender and Egyptian Blue Lotus Petal, Cardamom Coconut Herbal Oil Blend, Vision and Prayers
Directions: Roll Herbal Smoking Blends in a natural rolling paper, or use on hookah charcoal as an inhalant or smoking blend with your hookah.


Price: $9.00

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