Palo Santo Holy Wood .75 oz

Each Palo Santo Wood Wand is weighed and is a large. 75 - 1 oz oz piece of the holy wood with a description
of what Palo Santo is traditionally used for.
Simply light the end of one of the sticks and use it as a smudge or clearing agent for dispelling negative spots in the auric body.

Palo Santo is a rainforest botanical with a powerful, mystical aroma, burned in ceremony, ritual and for it’s energetic cleansing and healing properties.
This sacred wood can be used for cleansing and purifying a space, smudging your energy body and brewed in tea for many common conditions. Although,it is often used for ritual, Palo Santo is known by many indigenous cultures for its other benefits. It is believed to be an aid for conditions ranging from depression,anxiety, inflammation,headaches and even colds and flu.It also is believed to enhance creativity, aid meditation, bring good fortune and can connect your vibration to source energy.

Palo Santo is harvested from the South American rainforest, and only from fallen trees, deadwood, so no living trees are harvested for this sacred wood.
To use Palo Santo as a smudge, light one end and let it burn for a few seconds then, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to permeate your space or body.
Continue to relight as often as you need to.
Bless Up High the Sacred Vibration of Life.


Price: $11.00

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