Prosperity Plus Raw Incense 1.5 Oz

Burn to increase your vibration to the value of yourself, what you offer and the eteranally abundant nature of the earth. Charged with the properties of unconditional acceptance, inherent deserving, divine valuation & effortless abundant flow. Prosperity comes when we can open to the idea that we always have enough & we attract to us exactly what we need, knowing that things change ebb & flow divinely unfolding infinitely.

Burn on charcoal in pinches on the new moon or full moon cycle,

you might say “ I attract abundance effortlessly always & in all ways, I am in the universal flow of all abundance"

Ingredients: Patchouli Leaf, Osha Root, Artemisia , Hawthorn Leaf,Cinnamon, Benzoin, Frankincense Resin, Pine Tree Resin,Myrhh Resin, Amber Essence, Sweet Honey Wine, Raw Honey, Prosperity OIl Blend, Vetivert Ess Oil, Prosperity Essence

New Moon Taurus


Price: $16.00

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