Standing Rock Smoke- Water is Life

srsmoke-cover-web-1decYou have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.
Angela Davis


Standing Rock Smoke is blended with the deepest prayers and meditations on how we can best dismantle the white supremacy and colonization that has fed this cultural cosmology of greed and destruction.
Standing Rock Smoke brings together plants allies for the nervous system with Heart Opening Plant Medicines, and Plant Spirits to aid in unblocking the third eye and pineal gland of the oppressors who are trying to take down our precious water supply. This smoking blend is a prayer for the highest and best outcome for our Indigenous Nation and The Future Generations of Peoples who will inherit the lands and be fed life from these waterways.
78% of the profits from this blend will go directly to the
Oceti Sakowin Camp for the Winterizing Efforts. The 78% signifies the percentage of water our body is comprised of. The Water is all things; our mother, our birth place, our home inside the womb, the sustainer of life through breast milk, the grower, the mover the changer,the creator and the nourisher of all life in all forms from birth to dying back into it’s deep ethers. Without water there is literally no species that can thrive.When we care for our waters/daughters/mothers/grandmothers/life givers we are all lifted. This battle between indigenous wisdom and modern culture is the battle for the return of the reign of The Great Mother whose voice has been calling but drowned out by oppression and greed. The Patriarchal Reign has begun to die and he is holding on with a strong arm like we have never seen. The Mother is calling us and She is The Waterways and The Lands… We must Protect Her with everything we have inside.

My Prayer: The Sakred Smoke may fill our lungs with respite from the deep grief of violence and brutality, and what the waterways, the lands and her people feel.
My Intention: The Sakred Smoke may be cleansing and purifying to all of the brave ones gathered and all of the oppressors who are executing the orders of destruction, and all the many who watch in fear of what might be next.
My Affirmation:
The Sakred Smoke may rise like the dawn to The Divine Creator, Goddess, God, God-Us, The Deities, The Ancestors, and The Guides that are Unseen and that the prayers and thoughts of the defenders of these Sakred Waterways and Lands are fulfilled.
My Vision: The resolution is expedient, immense long lasting, and steadfast in it’s arrival and that our resistance is fueled and fed by resilience, love filled rebellion and heart led revolution.

Ingredients: Artemesia Vulgaris, Chamomile Flower Pollen, Damiana Leaf, Dalmatian Sage, Helichyrsium Flowers, Hyssop, Loebelia Inflata, Rose Petal Dust, Tulsi Basil, Osha Root Powder, Yerba Santa, Essential Oils of Rose Otto, Cacao,& Spikenard Berry, HeART Magick and Resilient Prayers..


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