Moon Drops Feminine Tonic Formulary 4 oz

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Moon Drops~Feminine Tonic Formulary

4 oz size for use on a daily basis over a 2-3 month period to effect lasting changes within the feminine reproductive and  hormonal systems.

Proprietary blend of 9 sacred plants for the uterus and feminine reproductive system. Strengthens & tones the uterus,gently balances hormones, eases painful moon cycles, cramping & abdominal tension.

Take 1 (10ml)dropperful daily to decrease PMS sysmptoms for an entire moon cycle starting during ovulation.

Take 10-30 drops for acute cramping, pain & abdominal tension. Contraindications: Do not use during 1st trimester of pregnancy. If nursing consult your herbalist or health care provider before use.

Ingredients:Calendula Flowers,Chaste Tree Berry, Fennel,Lady’s Mantle Flowers,Motherwort Leaf & Flower, Rue, Red Clover Flowers, Cardamom, Vanilla Beans,Organic Grape Alcohol, Raw Honey

Blended on The New Moon



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