Bless-I-Tea 2 Oz Resealable Pouch

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A Refreshing Blend to Bless the Body on all levels.

Cooling to the senses, Soothing to the Soul and A delight to sip slowly. Bless-I-Tea can be served hot or cold and makes a High Vibration Cup for every season. Rich in Vitamin C, Bio Available Minerals and Anti-Oxidants Bless-I-Tea is flavor-full, sweet, and intoxicatingly delicious.

Makes an amazing iced tea blend mixed with raw honey or apple cider

Add 3-6 tablespoons to a 32 oz mason jar or french press, cover with boiling water, steep for 5-15 minutes, strain sweeten and chill for an amazing iced tea delight. Adding Fresh Ginger with herbs heightens the delight of this tea blend.

Makes 1 gallon of Iced Tea or 15-20 cups of hot tea

Ingredients:(O)Hibiscus Flowers, (O)Lemongrass,(O) Spearmint,(O)Dried Pineapple, (O)Red Rooibos, (O) Rose Hips, (O)Rose Petals,(O)Dried Mango



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