Lotus Saturdays


Girlaktik Productions  introduces Lotus Saturdays:

In Irrestistible and Irie Style Lotus Saturdays presents the newest forum for featuring the freshest independent musicians, poets, artists and DJ’s from eclectic disciplines and elevated efforts from around the valley and around the globe.

Since 2005 Girlaktik Productions has inspired audiences with the sound stylings and artistic prowess of Rising Appalachia, Ghandarva, NYC”s Copal, Climbing Poetree,Manavi, I-Ganic Sound System, Dj Lunar Lance Kirley, and Rising Star Poets, Performers and Artists showcasing roots movement revolutionaries and elated uprising of some of the most vivid performers the valley has welcomed.

Lotus Saturdays promotes the ideals of connection based community oriented art inspired events with a focus on local and global artists that elevate and represent high vibration consciousness and independent disciplines.

We are a not for profit based event~dedicated to using the forum to pay the artists, performers and organizers to make more art and weave the consciousness to a greater audience. The admission price reflects a desire to support arts communities, and is filtered back into events that raise the vibration and free us up to our highest creative potential locally and globally.

At each event we often sposor local artists, entrepenuers, local media, non profit organizations, women owned businesses and in doing so support our local economy, small business and the vision of a new economic culture.

The artists we host and sponsor are always independent artists seeking to use thier art as a tool for social justice, new media forums and a way to reach our community through solution based change and education.

Our events elevate the individual to an evolved consciousness that supports the community created vibration and weaves new culture into real time.

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Or e-mail girlaktikgroove@gmail.com