Red Moon Temple

Call for Contributions

“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid”
Audre Lorde

Dear Sea Stars,
A Temple is being built to honor our Sacred Feminine Mysteries and our bonds as Sisters, Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers and Wise Women.

We are living in a crucial and uncertain time of change but what is certain is that we must remember, we must dig deep into our selves and we must find our true wisdom,we must look upon the shadows of our soul and bring out the fierce strength and Forgotten Mysteries of our Women Tribe.

The Temple we are building will be used for ceremony, it will be used for ritual, it will be used to honor ourselves, our passages, our cycles, our rage and our joyous becoming.

We will gather monthly on the New Moon and remember what it is like to sit close to ground and be, we will drink medicinal herbals, eat nourishing soup, write ourexperiences, speak our stories, sing our songs and give light to our shadows. This place will be a home to all Women and it won’t matter where you came from, where you are or where you’re you’ll be going. It will be a coming home because we share a bond that is deeper than our social or economic status, a sweetness that does not seek to define us by  culture or religion and a love that defies any boundaries, other than that we are Women.

This is a call for your Contributions and Creations, we are seeking the talent and artistry of our Women to create the interior sanctuary of our Sacred Temple. If you are called to participate we welcome your gifts.

Our Yurt Structure will be a neutral canvas for this work, we are seeking original fabric designs to piece together a tapestry of our stories and our time lines. 

Your creation can be:

  • of any material that’s able to hung and stitched or pinned together
  • painted, dyed, stitched, quilted, embroidered, or drawn
  • red, maroon,burgundy,magenta,deep purple or crimson in color
  • accented with beads, sequins, mirrors, bone, stones,  feathers or any other material that adds to your piece
  • adorned with symbols and sigils of Goddesses, Seasons,Power Symbols, Poems, Archetypal and Ancestral Memories
  • As big as 3 feet X 3 feet, but not bigger to allow space for a variety of women’s creations

We would like to create a container that is free from denominations, and religious or iconic symbolism. We are celebrating Women and Ritual so please respect the diversity of the project and only include symbols that are neutral in nature, such as moons,astrological and planetary glyphs,Goddess images etc… we want any woman to enter the Temple and feel at home immediately.

If you are called to create a piece of  fabric artwork, we ask that you submit a request for consideration. Please include your name, e-mail address, phone# and an idea of what you will create.

We will accept calls for contributions on an ongoing basis over the next few months and will try to accommodate all requests we receive. Please send us your request as soon as possible. Contributions will be accepted on first come basis and we need many women’s artistic style’s to create an eclectic and diverse Women’s Temple. Criteria for creating a piece only requires that you are a woman, feel connected to participating in this project and that you can commit to completing your piece within 2012.We may need additional pieces after our Yurt has been built and will accept additional contributions into 2011-2012.

As we raise funds we will offer Women $30 Art Stipends to create each fabric adornment they will create. If you are in need of this stipend in order to create your piece, please include that with your request for consideration and include a self addressed stamped envelope so we can mail you a confirmation and your stipend to begin working on your piece. If you do not need a financial stipend to create your piece, consider your work a donation to fund women’s empowerment work, art and activism.

Please send all requests to be a contributor to:

Pioneer Valley Red Tent Temple Project
C/O Venus Z. Free
5 Montague Rd
Shutesbury, Ma 01072

If you need more information or have questions please e-mail:

We express deep gratitude to all women who will participate and contribute to this project and are awaiting your responses.

In Gratitude,
Venus Zephyr
Director W.O.M.B.S.S Women Organizing Meaningful Beliefs and Sacred Sanctuaries
PV Red Tent Temple Project Facilitator

“How wonderful it is no one wait a single minute before changing the world.”
 Anne Frank