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Birth and Post Partum Doula Care with Soul Flower Birth Care

Soul Flower Birth Care serves the Pioneer Valley from Springfield to Greenfield, as well as the Hilltowns and Southern Vermont.

Soul Flower Birth Care is dedicated to empowering women to create birthing choices that support a woman’s intuitive nature and the ancient wisdom that birth simply happens. I believe in the power and resilience of a woman’s body to birth naturally, easefully and safely. I know from personal experience how fierce and fulfilling it is to allow birth to simply unfold no matter what the setting or circumstance may be. I support families from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientations from pre-conception, pregnancy and birth to post partum and beyond if needed. I am currently available for home births, birthing center or hospital births as a non medical holistically minded trained birth attendant.  I am available and accepting new clients as a birth and post partum doula as well as a trained wise woman herbalist, plant spirit practitioner specializing in medicinal plant bathing, herbal support and ritual bathing ceremonies in both western and south american modalities of herbal comfort care.  I have attended women and families as a post partum/post natal doula support and have a detailed menu of services available on this site. I invite you to contact me with questions and inquiries at or by phone 413 253 4941

Soul Flower Birth is dedicated to fostering the tradition of natural birthing and reclaiming birthing traditions through Soul-Full birth support.

Venus Zephyr is a birth and post partum doula,community herbalist, plant spirit practitioner, herbal re-sourceress,  mother of Sela Jade, Artist, Activist and Community Organizer. She has studied plant medicine with teachers, healers and root doctors, and has learned the ancient art of spiritual plant bathing from Rocio Alarcon(Ecuador), Rosita Arvigo(Belize), Grandmother Dona Enriqueta(Mexico) and Pam Montgomery(Vermont). A graduate of Blazing Star Herbal School, Partner Earth Education Center in the modalities of advanced western herbalism and plant spirit healing. Venus has attended families as a post partum doula for the past 9 years and most recently completed in 2011 a birth doula training with Michelle L’Esperance of Warm Welcome Birth Services. Venus has also been trained in the art and tradition of Rebozo with Gena Kirby in 2015.

The first birth I attended was actually my own in 2008. My daughter Sela Jade was born at home on the fall equninox. My birth proved to be not only one of the most amazing empowering days of my life but also the catalyst of my desire to further support new and expanding families in gentle birth choices and comfort care. Until my own birth I had always feared the unknown layers of what could or might happen in labor and yes many of those fears are true, but what was also true that I hadn’t expected was that birth happens and without as much hoopla as I had always been exposed to via the media and other sources most of us have witnessed. Birth was an amazing mystery and I am so glad my first experience was first hand, as you will read it proved a life changing moment for many reasons and through that gateway I have found another layer of my calling.

I became overwhelmingly inspired with caring for women and families during my own pregnancy with my daughter Sela. It became apparent through the deep and everlasting changes that were swirling during that time how much birthing changes a families life. During my actual birth I realized how much care I had taken to prepare my home, my body, and my inner environment with many inspirations and comforts to open the way for my first child. During my herbal trainings and apprenticeships prior to having my own children I took a particular interest in caring for women from pre-conceptive healthcare through childbearing and post partum support. When I became pregnant I had a large re-sourcery brimming full of research and remedies to care for women and children during birth and beyond.

I prepared herbal comfort care remedies and treatments for myself and used my years of training with South American healers as a taproot to my own homebirth, and subsequent birth work. My labor was a long one and what kept me grounded and able to continue in part were the many ways in which I prepared nourishing solutions to the fatigue and at times discomfort of labor. There was a moment when I realized during a particularly intense contraction that I needed to share this gift of preparation and comfort with other women. I knew how much time I spent crafting and preparing what would help me stay strong and healthy through my pregnancy and labor, and that some women for various reasons don’t have the time or call to do this for themselves. In 2009 about 6 months after my daughter was born I began crafting global botanika preparations for women just as I had done for myself. I heard from many women how helpful and nourishing these plant blends, tinctures, baths and essences had been for them. I knew this was only the beginning of birth work for me, and I was thrilled to know that I could be at home with my daughter while nourishing this new business that would help women birth with ease and comfort. During the first 2 years of her life my daughter was by my side while I nursed Bone Flower Botanikals to life. In 2011 when my mother was at the end of her life, I again was at another crossroads and realized in helping her pass peacefully from her body that my birth work was ready to make another passage.Birth and Death have always been the gateways of transforming form.  I felt my mother supporting me to help other women journey through their birth experiences and my ability to be fully present to her passing was another precious gift.  On 1/11/11 I midwifed this journey of my mother’s rebirth and again felt the pull to be a support to women as a birth doula. Losing your mother is a defining moment for many, and still continues to require deep contemplation and grieving but birth work has been a healing taproot for these experiences.

Just one week after my mother’s passing I contacted Michelle L’Esperance about attending her 4 day doula immersion workshop at Smith College the following weekend.I wasn’t sure how I would be able to take anything in and it was an incredibly emotional time for me, but the immersion proved to be a healing passage. Being surrounded by other women learning to support new families held the brilliance I knew it would.  After my doula training I began visioning what my birth practice would look like and how I could incorporate my years of care taking mothers, my herbal expertise, spiritual plant bathing ceremonies, workings with Medicine Women and Root Doctors and my line of Global Botanika products into one root system. My life’s work has taken me on many pathways and directions but the common theme has been as a nurturer and care taker. Birth Work unifies my personal philosophies, inherent gifts and formal training seamlessly into a unified practice of caring for women as the hub of the family. The idea that if we care for the mothers we are all stronger for it and as the mothers are cared for so are the children and the rest of the family benefited.