Soul Flower Poetics

Soul Flower Poetics the  Poetry, Prose and Spoken Words of Venus Zephyr


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The Root of Words

Soul Flower Poetics-copyright 2011

My words fell into the ground like tree roots forming at the taproots base

Grown up like wildfire passages scorching the stems of the graceful tree limbs

Sonnets blanketing soft earth cut cloth blowing in a wistful wind

Prominent soliloquies selfish in their expression climbing the horizon of my truth

These seed syllables

Trustworthy falling off the tip of my lips

Flesh tones, my breastbone

My body the framework of this threshold

How far can your best go

Words rewriting crests, passages,

The thesis of my manifesto’s

Like the dearest of old friends

The ones who know you like infinity

Finish my sentences, flourish

Reflecting my dejavous, dream

Delving deep space, effortless

Re-membering softness, relentless

Cleft on sounds of silence in between perfection

I am the words I have spoken

They set me free to fly

Growing up at the seams of despite all you came through, were born from, delivered us we depended on

This the voice of conjuring the visionary, these vessels my time capsule

Flawless shooting star love letters from the aftermath of what you are becoming

There is no space your stories cannot master

You are worthy

Timelines rewrite themselves in effervescent eloquence when you have the courage to pen what is yours and allow it the alchemy of distillation

These words keep climbing sky scapes unafraid of the fall if they were ever to even look back

Mountains imagined from memory because you’ve only climbed highrises up to this point, directing

Energetics outline the visions they claim you, this is the story you’ve been living to write everyday you inhabit this memory

Creation holds a candle to your destiny, lights a match from the spark of your footsteps colliding with the sound of your words hitting the air and turning to dust

Ancient breezes takes your prayers, scent them with the essence of right now, carries them to then, rewrites the shape of them later, caresses them tomorrow and hears futures destinies that fate hasn’t believed in remembering yet so you could be here to shout this saying to the in the breath of right now

Majestic Mystic, Sound Shaman, Herectic Healer

mounting magic, hearing harmony,

vocalizing the voice of the next thousand years to get it closer to the ground now, deafening sound, untieing lifetimes of of no longer inside but coming around

Destiny has spoken and she is sounding out the sound of profound

Conducting Underwater symphonies she uprose when the thought crossed your mind that it was possible you might drown

Your birthright became manifest the minute your mother’s opening you crowned

Sentences relentless, they just have to say

Sayings, Sounding, Pounding the root of words

They say themselves something like this

You Destiny

They Spoken

You Speechless

They Fluid
I am the words I have spoken                                                                                                     They set me free to fly


What Inspire’s this work:

This is for all the beautiful supporters, beloveds and friends who have been listening to my voice escalate over the past 15 years. I started writing so long ago I couldn’t say when it actually happened. Poetry has been one of my most fulfilling passions for most of my life. I started out by reading Robert Frost after reading the book the outsiders when I was 8 years young. I was captivated by Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath, Zora Neale Hurston, Audrey Lorde, Mary Oliver and every poet I could get my hands on. In my late teens and early twenties I discovered spoken word through slam poets, Russell Simmons Def Poetry, and listening to Ani Difranco. Hearing poets like Nikki Giovani, Sonya Sanchez,Sekou Sundiata, Amir Baraka,The Last Poets, Miguel Pinero, Natalie Stewart an so many more. After moving to Western Massachusetts I started doing open mic nights and realized there was no turning back for me, and yes I was a poet. These are odd words to write, but I know they’re true in my heart. In 2004 I did a particular open mic performance that was some of my most personal writing, there were 4 artists reading that night as part of the open mic. I was the last person to perform before the headlining poets that night. One of the poets thanked me for sharing such beauty , and left me with gratitude for the vibration of what I had shared as she walked to the stage.
These poets were Climbing Poetree,the warrior queen duo from Brooklyn by way of Haiti and Colombia and by far some of the most prolific and inspirational poets, performers and people I have ever witnessed both on and off the stage.My destiny as a poet was solidified in watching their performance, I wrote as they performed and was irreversibly inspired to continue to create, perform and one day host a show with these poets, and myself opening up again for them, now more aware of my own talent for this art form.
That dream came true last April, as by chance I was able to participate in a co-conspiracy with with these poets in 2010.

And now as I have been offered more venues to perform and share my words with different audiences I am called to this long standing dream of producing my own version of a poetry book. I have hundreds of pieces and so many ideas to glean into a piece of artistic history, my history, herstory, my timelines and
the voices that I want to reverberate in the ears of my daughter and the beloveds who have always supported my dreams as a poet. For my mother who passed away last year who always supported my ability to write, who taught english before I was born and who understood probably on a deeper level than she let on what words meant to me.

Venus uses art in many guises as a tool for personal and collective transformation,social change and alternative education. Through the power inherent in voice and sound Venus offers a catalyst to both educate and expose cultural injustices and redefine a collective vision that serves humanity while paying humble reverence to the natural world and the veiled realms. Through Sound Collage, Mixed Media Artwork, Spoken Word Poetics, Personal Testimony and Co-created Experience Venus seeks to redeem the ways art can transcend and translate into medicine, redemption and revolution.