Ways to Contribute to PV Red Tent Temple Project

There are many ways you can contribute to the building of our permanent Red Tent Temple Yurt structure but here are some ways to start your ideas flowing.

1. Donate an Art Stipend in the amounts of $30 per artist you would like to sponsor. We will be sure that each stipend is used for that purpose alone.

2. Forward this call to an artist or woman who might wish to participate.

3.Gift Red Carpets/Rugs/Fabric /Pillows and Meditation Cushions to our Red Tent Temple Project

4. Sponsor us with a financial donation to help purchase and fund the sewing of the yurt structure’s roof and walls. Our goal at this time is to professionally outsource the sewing portion of the yurt is $2500.00 and an additional $500 to purchase the glass dome for the top of the yurt structure. All financial support is appreciated and even $5 can get us closer to the finish line.

5. Become a Founding Supporter of The Pioneer Valley Red Tent Temple Project~Any donation of $333 and up will greatly and gratefully facilitate our Temple being built, adorned and manifested  which will serve our women’s communities for many moons yet to come.

6. Offer your specialized service or teaching at our next benefit, or help us create and add content to our website, data base and Moon Weavers Blog Vision a forum for Women’s Poetics, Stories and to be showcased and shared

7. Introduce a Woman in your life to a Red Tent Temple, Moonlodge, Women’s Mystery Conference or Circle

8. Become an Angelic Avatar and help The Sea Star Project send Women to retreats, apprenticeships, and learning opportunities that may be out of their economic range. For some women this would be a turning point of life changing proportions, please consider this amazing gift. Any donations sent for this purpose will be held aside for Women in need and will be allocated for helping women from a wide array of socio economic backgrounds,Please specify what types of events you would want to support when sending your gift.

9. Participate in every way you are called and remember your revolutionary, amazing and mystical connection to the weavers of creation. We truly need all levels of skills and

Please send all requests/contributions/donations to:

Venus Zephyr                                                                                                                           5 Montague Rd                                                                                                                         Shutesbury, Ma 01072

or via paypal




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