What is a Red Tent Temple?

What is a Red Tent Temple?


A Red Tent has many meanings in the beauty and inception to many of the women who create and participate in attending. The Temple space itself though; is a place that is sacred for women to gather in, traditionally monthly and nearest the new moon. Women have gathered for centuries for many reasons and now as we move into these times of great change and uncertainty we must keep our traditions in a safe and sacred way for our children and future generations. The Red Tent is a very simple way for us to remember to set aside time for our cycles to be honored every month. The Red Tent is a space to rest our bones in sweet spaces, where we are nurtured and unlike our very over scheduled lives to unwind the ideas that we need to do more,be everywhere and produce everything all the time. As women we have tides that need time to be still waters, we have thoughts that need to percolate, we have seeds that need to gestate. We have roots that need to form, and we have creations that need to develop. We need space and time to cultivate all these ways in which we are to grow our selves forward.

The Pioneer Valley Red Tent Temple Project is being cultivated as a multi layered artistic vision, performance,prayer and gathering space for our women’s communities. One of the goals of this Temple is to gather fabric art creations and other artistic pieces made by women for the adornment of this sacred gathering space. To our knowledge this is the only Red Tent where our women will make ALL of the Adornments. We also seek to represent women from all cultures, ethnicities, diverse backgrounds and age ranges to fully represent the vast array of women who encircle the global village. This project holds a small portion of the global vision of women’s gathering spaces all over the world. Alisa Starkweather started The Red Tent Temple project to cultivate a gathering place for women in every village, city and town. Alisa has facilitated a forum for women to start their own empowerment work in their women’s communities.

*Please consider making a donation to help continue providing art stipends, creating empowering events and furthering our building efforts. We have used up our initial grant monies and are seeking donations to get this particular red tent off the ground.

*Donate Red Fabrics, Large Red Rugs, Empowering Art Work & Statuary,Educational Women’s Books, Pillows, Cushions and other adornments for the Inner Temple Space.

*Offer gift certificates for healing arts, body work, yoga or other services to be auctioned to raise money for further building efforts and future permanent land acquisition.

*Donate time to help organize a data base and calls for contributions, a few hours per week can make a huge difference in getting this project finished

*Offer childcare at my home while I work on getting more people involved in the details of this project

*Help us clear the land,move wood, paint beams and build small parts of the red tent from the ground up

*e-mail us: PVRedtenttemple@gmail.com to volunteer and help with any of the above needs

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