The Red tent Temple Project seeks a yurt builder-pass it on.

Dear Wemoon,

We are seeking a talented and dedicated person to help finish our yurt structure for        The Red Moon Temple here in Shutesbury, MA. In 2010 our wonderful friend and yurt builder Stephanie Smith gave birth to her first baby and in 2011 moved on to a new chapter of her life in Chicago. She got us much of the way through the first stages of building our yurt structure. We started construction last Spring in Shutesbury and now have a deck structure and many pieces of the yurt built and ready to be assembled.

What we need now is a construction director to manage the pieces that are not in my own ability to create. We also truly need a skilled seamstress to measure the structure and sew our walls and roof in a sweet and sheltered space.

Many of you have contacted me and have offered assistance once the Temple is constructed so my answer is to please help me at this time and refer folks who might be interested and skilled at these two very necessary pieces of the puzzle to fit together .

2012 is upon us and there is much now that we need to do together in the remembrance of our wemoons mysteries. If it is your will, please help us to finish the creation of this space as we journey into a new time of consciousness.

If these are not within your reach to help us with please consider making a donation to help with the extended building costs and the completion of the temple. In 2011 we found the cost of lumber and supplies to have increased and need an additional $2500 to complete the project. After much deliberating and researching a decision has been  made to have the yurt canvas professionally sewn and put together. The costs associated with this are higher but the end result will be extremely more durable and easier to fit to the structure we have built.

Donations can be sent to:

Red Moon Temple

c/o Venus Zephyr(checks made payable to)

5 Montague Rd

Shutesbury, MA 01072

or via paypal( paypal fees remove 3% of the donation but all other monies are collected for the project exclusively)

In great-full thanks and gratitude for all people who have given so much heart to us already,

Venus Zephyr

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